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The Dance of Light and Dark


Summary of the brief

To create the story ideas I would randomly pick words from each list and try and make a story out of them, the ones which I was able to roughly come up with a story with I put them into a list of possible story ideas. Eventually I chose 3 from the list of ideas and sketched out character for them.

Chosen Theme and why?

The chosen themes/words for the book. Darkness and depression. I wanted to challenge myself when creating a story so I chose these two words to create a book out of. 

Initial Synopisis

Dark and Light are both dancers, each looking for their forever partner, wanting to give their heart to someone. Dark is in love with Light but Light doesn’t love Dark back because he is meant to be evil so she constantly rejects him, bullies him and hurts him. Each time she does this a chain of depression is added to Dark, pulling him deeper and deeper into depression.

Final Synopisis

Everyone knows what light and dark are, but not many people know how they came to be. They were once two beings who danced around bringing balance and harmony everywhere they went. However just like anyone else, Light and Dark can just as easily get jealous and things take a turn for the worse. Harmony and balance are disrupted when one wishes to take the spotlight and leave the other to suffer.

Publication Paintings

Publication Mockup

Spread 1.png
Spread 2.png
Spread 3.png
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