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Cosplay Fashion

An Exclusive Limited Edition Swatch Book Pack.

Summary of the brief

The main objective of this project is about finding the balance in visual and typography composition, through exploring the sense of quality editorial discipline and experimental visual discovery. The goal was to create an exclusive limited edition swatch book pack using at least 1 paper type from Takeo as they were the client. The chosen theme/idea for the swatch pack was free for all with the requirement that the concept/theme wasn't anything depressing, violent, something that would taint the company. The use of images, graphics and typography had to be used to create an interesting swatch book pack.

Who are Takeo?

Fine Paper Takeo are leading specialist paper merchant's in Malaysia who were established in 1997, in Kuala Lumpur. They have offices and warehouses in the Northern, Central and Southern region and even in Singapore. They are committed to providing high quality service and products and ensure responsible usage of forest resources in their operations. Their company is supported by their main shareholder and head office, Takeo Co.Ltd, Japan, which has more than 100 years of history in their speciality paper industry.


What is Cosplay Fashion and why?

Cosplay fashion comes from the abbreviation for costume play and is the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, video game or book and has become quite a popular subculture in Japan although it can be found in many parts of the world.  However Japan could be described as the world capital of cosplay. The popularity of it could be attributed to the love of anime and manga that originates from Japan and therefore has become part of the fashion types that can be found there.


Due to this reason and the ability to link this topic with Japan, since the company itself is a Japanese company, I chose the topic cosplay fashion as not only does it link to Japan but I myself have ample knowledge on the subject as I am part of the Cosplay subculture and this would allow me to apply my own knowledge and experience of the subject into the publication, this also meant that I felt I was having more fun with this project and even include my own photography that I had collected over the years instead of having to constantly search for interesting images to add.

Main Book and booklet

For the main book I wanted to break down the topic into 4 sections: The history of cosplay, understanding cosplay, Fashion and makeup, and The design process. This allows readers to get a basic understanding of what cosplay fashion is and breaks down the whole concept and process of cosplay. Within these sections there are subsections that help make reading easier and allow for thew information to be broken up into parts and not feel too overwhelming.

As for the booklet, it's a compilation of answers to several questions that I had asked to a community of cosplayers, this is to allow readers to see cosplay from the eyes of others rather than to feel that the only information is available comes from one book/one person. The interview/questionnaire was conducted through a google form where the answers are then collected and filtered through to see which ones would best suit the booklet and also had the best answers.


Concept Poster

Concept poster.jpg

For one of the requirements of the project a gift was needed to go with the entire swatch pack so I opted to create an A4 concept poster that went with the book using the same font as the one found one the cover of the books. By using a this simple image of a cosplay with a clean black background it allowed for me to play around with the typography and allow it to look interesting and to be consistent with the overall designs of the main book. For the colour of the font I used the same colour scheme as the one found in both the booklet and main book and made the main text an overlay so that it didn't feel overbearing and wouldn't block/cut the background image in any awkward way. This allowed for the design to feel modern and fun without the use of too many designs.


For the packaging I wanted to keep it simple so that it didn't take away from the main focus which was the publication so I decided to use tracing paper and create an envelope which would then hold onto the poster, main book and booklet. With this the title of the book, which is shown from the poster is visible from the front, which allow readers to know what the content is and it also uses a sticker, which follows a similar concept to the concept poster as a way to seal the package. As seen in the provided image readers can also see what books are provided within the packaging allowing them to know what to expect and with this type of packaging it allows the design from the poster and the front cover of the main book to draw the attention of readers and allow the designs to show through and not be overshadowed by packaging.

If you're interested in reading Cosplay Fashion:

Click here to download and check out Cosplay Fashion for yourself

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