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Softus Hugs

A personal project

Softus hugs, a personal project to help bring awareness to mental health while also bringing comfort to those who feel like they need a hug, who find it hard to open up to people about their problems and who just need to feel loved.

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Cosplay Fashion

Swatch Book Pack Assignment

The Cosplay Fashion swatch pack was assigned as an assignment. The goal was to create a swatch book pack with the concept following any type of theme. The requirement was to use at least 1 type of paper from the paper company Takeo.

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Corporate Identity


This assignment was to take an existing company that may not be so well known and take their existing logo and redesign it to make it more interesting, bring attention to the company. The chosen client was BungkusIt a delivery service company.



Spa Pictograms

Here is a look at some spa pictogram designs that I created for an assignment where I created simple icons to be applied to a wide variety of things such as logo, packaging, and labels. These pictograms allow for audiences to be able to understand they represent.


The Dance of Light and Dark


A publication assignment based on two chosen topics which I turned into a story. This talks about balance between light and dark and the art used in this book is more abstract compared to most of my works.

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